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Wireless Dog Fence

A Wireless Dog Fence system is a system in which a Radio or Wi-Fi transmitter broadcasts a signal and a Receiver on a collar receives the signal. There are several details to know to understand just how a Wireless Dog Fence works. The first and foremost characteristic is the fact the signal, which is the boundary of the Pet Area or the “Fence”, is in a circular pattern. This is the most important characteristic of a Wireless Dog Fence system. The reason being is that a decision on whether or not a Wireless Dog Fence system will fit the layout of the property in a way that works depends on this.

The size of the circle is dependent upon the closest edge of the property line in relation to the transmitter placement. Neighboring property lines may limit how large the pet area can be. This is because the radius can only be set up to that length. Finding the ideal placement of the transmitter will maximize the pet area. If the property size is greater than the maximum circumference of the system a wireless dog fence will provide maximum benefit.

The next characteristic is a Receiver Collar is worn by the pet. The collar contains Contact Points that touch the pet’s neck. When the boundary of the Pet Area is reached a Warning Beep is given first followed by a  Humane Static Correction that continues until the pet returns to the Pet Area. Basically the Receiver Collar is a shock collar or Dog Training Collar. This technology has been proven safe and effective but is something one should know when deciding to use it with a pet.

The final detail is that there is a need for some training. A Wireless Dog Fence system comes with flags to visually mark the Boundary Zone while training the pet. The need for the flags is temporary. With the use of a leash and some treats the relationship between the flags and the activation of the Receiver Collar at the Boundary Zone is taught to the pet. Once the pet understands the Warning Beep and the effect of the Static Correction the flags can be removed. The pet can roam freely in the Pet Area with the yard showing no signs of a fence.

With the basic characteristics of a Wireless Dog Fence system understood the benefits can be utilized by the pet owner. Once it has been determined the property layout makes it worth utilizing a Wireless Dog Fence system there is no digging to bury a radio wire and the system is basically installed instantly and easily. It is a very convenient way of providing peace of mind for the pet owner and a safe and healthy environment for the pet.

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